What is [no results] and How to Avoid It

Here's a related follow up from Friday's Basic Tips on Asking Questions article. In some cases you may run into "[no results]" when you're first ramping up on how to use Tanium. In most cases, asking a Question with "[no results]" is perfectly harmless, but a lot of seasoned Tanium users will proclaim that its less elegant. Regardless, here's why it happens and how to avoid it (if you want to).

Basic Tips on Asking Questions

...whenever I explain how to ask Questions to people, I like to start with a brief explanation of the two parts of a Tanium Question. In my opinion, this is a much shorter path to understanding the basics. And in fact, the new 7.0 Question Builder is designed around the same thinking. So read this short post to better understand the basics, and then go back to the other two articles if you want to get the full detail.