Professional Services

  • Operational Planning

    The advantages of deploying the Tanium platform can span a multitude of teams and functions, and appropriate planning is paramount. Tanium's revolutionary capabilities often require organizational and behavioral changes to reach its full potential. Chuco provides user and platform governance, use case generation and implementation process, knowledge management, and communications.

    Custom Content and Integrations

    The Tanium platform provides full, real-time visibility and control over every managed endpoint in the enterprise. With that in mind, customers have the opportunity to create custom content and integrations to help solve challenges unique to their environment. Chuco has experience with enterprise software engineering and Tanium content development for your unique use cases as well as SIEM integrations (ArcSight & Splunk) and Tanium API-driven scripting

  • Assesments

    By performing assesments for security hygiene as well as Tanium best practices, Chuco will help you come up with the best solution to move forward with your Tanium installation and deployment.

  • Agent Deployment and Management

    Customers purchase Tanium to get full control of their endpoint landscapes. In order to do so, Tanium must be deployed to as many machines as possible. Chuco has experience deploying more than a million endpoints across Tanium's largest deployments and can help create effective short and long term deployment strategies. We can also help with 3rd-party agent deployment, management, and configuration

  • Tanium Administration

    In order to take full advantage of the Tanium platform you must understand how to effectively use Tanium and what pitfalls to avoid. Having a experienced Tanium administrator will ensure you are utilizing the platform to the full extent. Chuco provides you with platform and product module upgrades, deployment, configuration, as well as Tanium Client health checks.

Managed Services


Fully administered Tanium platform with optional high-availability. Tanium products and offerings managed by Chuco.

Patch Management

Complete patch services for Windows platforms with customized workflows, maintenance windows and patch distributions regardless of network scale or number of endpoints.